GR8 FIFO Consultants is a collection of highly specialised professionals covering all aspects of Taxation & Accounting, Finance, Financial Planning & Advice, Property Investment Concepts, Property Management advice and most importantly how to break free of the spending trap.  Pretty much anything and everything to do with making money, saving money, being better with money and how to invest it wisely.

While all operating under the one common GR8 FIFO Consultants umbrella brand each department is a standalone specialist enterprise that offers enormous experience in their specific field while structuring the advices, service and more importantly any fee’s to the expectations of the FIFO sector.  In a similar way to where a specialist medical facility will incorporate a series of medical specialists such as Physiotherapist, Surgeon, Anaesthetist and Pharmacist, GR8 FIFO Consultants brings all these professionals together under the one roof to provide a service tailored specifically to the FIFO sector and from a base of personal experience and knowledge of the FIFO sector.

Our Passion

“It is our passion to gain the Trust, Friendship and Advocacy of our clients, associates and team members through growing their confidence, their wealth and their business and ensuring peace of mind by the way we do business. In doing this, our business will thrive”


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