NDIS Enhanced Property Investment

Here's how you earn $62,000 in rent every year, indexed to grow annually with the CPI, guaranteed by the federal government, and get around $30,000 in tax deductions along the way from a modest property investment strategy. You’ll need to build a house and the entry point is as low as $440,000. When a comparably priced conventional house will rent for about $18,000 per year this is an opportunity that really needs to get your consideration. No smoke, no mirrors just a genuine, Federal Government initiated a program designed to stimulate a specific sector on the market.

Have you heard about N.D.I.S. Housing? It’s a relatively new Federal Government Program designed to reduce the cost to taxpayers for housing the populations' disabled members.


Currently the Federal Government is spending over $800 per day per person on providing accommodation for a large number of disabled people and this involves untenable outcomes such as placing younger, intellectually disabled people into aged care facilities because there is nowhere else to put them. On an annual basis this is around $290,000 per person per annum, so house them in a new home, where they can put a number in the same place, for as low as $62,000 is a great deal for them and you!

So the government is now looking at the private sector to provide quality housing that can meet the disabled individuals needs for long term, private and independent living within the community and is willing to pay handsomely to do so. There is something like $780M in the pool now to fund this program.

Heres whats on offer:

  • You must build a new house that complies with the NDIS requirements to qualify and if you can get this underway by 31st December 2020 the state government will pay you the $20,000 Covid19 grant that’s tax free to you and this will cover all your interest costs and other fees throughout the construction period plus leave you will additional cash in your pocket

  • Any investors into this program before 30th September 2022 will secure the current government gazetted and legislated rates with CPI linking for the next 20 years, Guaranteed!

  • When its completed the baseline starting point for the program, as it's available through GR8 & FIFO Consultants, is a rental income of $62,000 per year and possibly up to $100,000 for a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house & land package that will start at around $440,000

The catch is this isn’t as easy as just building a house. The house must be built to a special specification and not all locations are suitable for NDIS either. Then there is the challenge of getting the NDIS participants to occupy the house. Its not there aren’t many of them in fact currently in WA there are about 150 complying houses but over 2,700 disabled people qualified and available to rent them, but you need to be able to connect with them. And that’s the challenge

At FIFO Consultants we can help put all the pieces together and get you up and running right the way through the process of:

  • Getting the right NDIS location

  • Getting your NDIS compliant house built inside 6 months

  • Securing you the participants to occupy the house

  • NDIS Compliant management of the property and participants in the property thereafter

These property’s at the entry-level point are about $45,000 cashflow positive and represent a rental yield of around 14%. A conventional, newly constructed investment property today is probably going to struggle to achieve 4% before cost so why would you even think about doing that.

Call us on now for a free consultation to find out more and see if you are able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

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