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Tax deductions are increasingly difficult to obtain, especially when your employer pays for most things so that they can get the tax deductions.  Unfortunately, most tax agents and tax help professionals are usually tailored to small and medium size business and don't have a big interest in your tax deductions or giving you tax help because they can't charge you the fee they can charge the business.


At FIFO Consultants we specialise in tax advice and tax help for Flyin Flyout, mining & energy and most high income earning industries. More often than not we offer a free advice.  If you fit this description, a high tax payer without a lot of tax deductions, we know how to gain the greatest level of tax deductions for you and have an income for life and save $000's in tax each year.


FIFO Consultants is the place to go for tax planning for Flyin Flyout and other high income earning individuals or anyone who thinks they need to save tax or make sure what you are claiming is actually tax deductible.

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